Tuesday, March 26, 2013

THIS TIME! The SECRET to weight loss

I'm going to tell you the SECRET to weight loss.

Not just the secret to losing weight, but also the secret to keeping it off for good.

It's not complicated. It's not magical. It's not even a secret.

But it is REALLY REALLY HARD to do.

It's an IF/Then proposition:

That's it. You have to want to be thinner more than you want to eat whatever you want.

Everyone, pretty much, has at one time or another decided that they want to lose weight. They diet, loose a few pounds and then quit. It doesn't take long to end up back where they started or even heavier then ever.

The reason that happens is that the desire to be healthier is not greater than the desire to eat.

We can all fake it.

For a while.

We can all find enough willpower to do something that we don't really want to do.

For a while.

But eventually the wants going to overcome the things that we think we want but haven't actually bought into. Eventually that urge to have the big piece of cake (you know, the corner piece so you get the most frosting) or to hit up that all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet down the street will outweigh the desire to be thinner and healthier.

It happens to everyone.

Like love, we have trouble telling ourselves the truth. Just as we once were TRULY IN LOVE with that kid in high school whose name we can no longer remember, we wake up one day, tired of being fat and have convinced ourselves that THIS TIME we mean it. THIS TIME we'll lose the weight and keep it off.

But once we've honestly and truly bought into the proposition that the desire to be healthier is greater than the desire to eat what we want, then we're on your way to making meaningful and permanent strides to a better us.


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